ALGAE NÁTTÚRA and the tradition


The algae derives its name from the origin of seaweed, but the laminaria digitata which is used in ALGAE NÁTTÚRA is from the so-called macroalgal taxa branch.


For centuries, the people of Reykhólar in the West Fjords of Iceland have used kelp from the unique ocean habitat of Breidafjordur Bay as a source of healing and rejuvenation. This is the tradition behind Algae náttúra: the kelp is first dried using the geothermal energy of the area and then milled, preserving both its exceptional effectiveness and the invigorating scent of the sea. The result is a potent powder which can be used in the bath or as a facial mask to soften the skin, improve its elasticity and slow the signs of aging - all in a completely natual way.


ALGAE NÁTTÚRA is now available directly from SjávarSmiðjan in Reykhólar, here online with international shipping or in selected stores in the Reykjavík capital area.


ALGAE NÁTTÚRA - 5.900 kr.